AJ Turner to Transfer

AJ Turner to Transfer

By Ben Neuwirth

First posted on Bostoncollege.247sports.com

In an extremely sad development for Eagles’ fans, Sophomore forward AJ Turner has announced his intention to transfer. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman was the first one to break the news. Reportedly Turner has informed BC and has secured his release. AJ was Jim Christian’s top recruit 2 years ago and finished up a solid, albeit underwhelming season, averaging 8.4 ppg, 3.3 rpg and 3 apg on 42% shooting, including 37% from deep.

It’s tough to overstate how big a loss this is for the program. Turner was expected to be part of the long-term core of the team and had developed into a solid 3-and-D piece. He’ll be the 2nd player to transfer this year, joining Freshman guard Ty Graves, and the 6th in the last 2 seasons, Matt Milon, Sammy Barnes-Thompkins, Idy Diallo and Darryl Hicks left the team last year.

BC fans will miss AJ dearly.