S1: E21 - Joe Tessitore

S1: E21 – Joe Tessitore

Episode 21 of the WZBC Sports Podcast features a very special guest: Joe Tessitore, Boston College ’93. Joe is a distinguished alumnus of WZBC Sports, where he pursued a passion that has led to a great career. Joe has been with ESPN since 2002 and currently is the network’s play-by-play voice for its Saturday Night Primetime college football telecasts. Though he is mainly a “football guy”, he also has broadcasting experience in basketball, boxing, and horse racing. 

Joe was kind enough to sit down with our two co-directors, Anthony Iati and Casey Hague, for this episode. Topics include: what led him to Boston College, his involvement in WZBC (3:35), his experience with the late Father Monan (11:45), his climb through the professional broadcasting field (13:45), thoughts on the challenges awaiting Tony Romo in the booth (18:00), broadcasting crazy games (21:00), the state of BC Athletics (23:20), the NCAA as a whole (31:20), and his son John’s commitment to be a kicker for BC Football in 2018 (34:30). 

A few articles referenced in the podcast: 

Many thanks to Joe Tessitore for a candid and insightful podcast!