Martin Jarmond Named Athletic Director

Martin Jarmond Named Athletic Director

By Quinn Kelly


This afternoon, Boston College ended the speculation period surrounding who would assume the outgoing Brad Bates’ position as the William V. Campbell Director of Athletics.  As had been reported over the past couple of days, Martin Jarmond will assume the directorship, taking head of an athletic department in desperate need of a facelift.

Jarmond comes to the Heights after a successful tenure as Deputy Athletic Director of Ohio State.  Lauded by both his former employer and those here at BC for his ability to raise money, Jarmond is a welcomed step towards increasing funding for an oft-underfunded athletics program.

Jarmond will become the youngest AD of a Power 5 school when he assumes the position, showing great promise as a young star who has already been recognized nationally for his impressive work.

Make no mistake, this is an EXCELLENT hire for Boston College.  Jarmond is a young and, by all accounts, feverishly enthusiastic man who should be able to enliven what has given the appearance of a very stodgy athletic program at times.  He also quells the voices, however few they may be, that have been criticizing the lack of color in the BC athletics department.  Far be it from me to speak to whether this is an actual issue here at Boston College, but I certainly can say that having an African-American head the athletic department should have nothing but positive effect.  I will leave that point there, though, as I truly don’t think it does Boston College or Martin Jarmond justice to make that the story.

A bigger part of the story to me is the fact that regardless of the merit of the hire (which is most certainly there), this is a higher that will excite the Eagles faithful.  Over the entirety of my tenure here and going back a few years prior to that, there has been a growing apathy among the SuperFans.  The fan base has begun to take on a more casual viewing lens rather than having an emotional investment in this university’s teams.  For the casual fan, this is a great hire.  Seeing a big time name like Ohio State, and Michigan State before that, attached to Jarmond will create an air of excitement around the athletics program that has been absent for far too long.

Casual fans and die-hards alike should welcome Martin Jarmod to campus with open arms and an ear to ear grin.  And for all those who have criticized the athletics department in the past, while often right in doing so, should thank them now for nailing this hire.

So, welcome Mr. Jarmond.  As the voice of students sports coverage on campus, we look forward to highlighting your future accomplishments here and can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

A final thank you, of course, to Brad Bates.  We wish you luck on your future endeavors.

It’s a damn great day to be an Eag folks, soak it in.