E4 – Eagles in the NHL

  • Ashley Sachdeva and Michael Troy discuss former Eagles in the NHL and prospects on the team right now
  • Podcast includes coverage of past BC Hockey players and current ones with their futures
  • Released November 8th, 2019


E3 – Basketball Season Preview

  • Jack Coleman and Aiden Broderick preview the upcoming BC Men’s Basketball season
  • Podcast includes coverage of BC as well as at look around the ACC and the rest of College Basketball
  • Released November 6th, 2019


E2 – Football Season Breakdown

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco Break down the BC football season through 9 games
  • Includes a Red Bandana game breakdown as Florida State comes to town this weekend
  • Other topics include: Breaking down the ND and Pitt games coming up, projections for the rest of the season and bowl possibilities, and diving into the numbers on some of the star contributors to this Boston College Football team
  • Released November 4th, 2019


E1 – Preseason BC Hockey Podcast

  • Matt Marasco, Jack Salmon and Ashley Sachdeva talk about what to expect this 2019-2020 BC Hockey season
  • Podcast includes the new freshman class and look into their season on the road to an NCAA tournament
  • Released October 8, 2019



E10 – Spring Sports Update

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco talk BC Baseball and BC Women’s Lacrosse
  • Podcast breaks down the BC baseball season so far, and what to expect as they close out the season and for next year
  • Second half of Podcast is coverage of the historic BC Women’s lacrosse team as they continue their quest for and ACC and NCAA title
  • Released April 26th


E9 – Winter Sports Wrap-up

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco wrap up the Men’s Hockey and Basketball seasons
  • Podcast includes the teams final results, our takeaways from the season, and what to look forward to next winter on the Heights
  • Released April 5th


E8 – BC Basketball: UNC Preview

  • Aidan Griesser and Ashley Sachdeva interview Andrew Hamill to discuss the upcoming UNC vs BC basketball game on March 5th.
  • Andrew Hamill is a UNC student manager for the basketball team and gives us the scoop of UNC’s season, including the  with the Duke win and what is upcoming for them within the tournament and rest of the season.
  • Released February 24th


E7 – BC Hockey: Beanpot

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco discuss this years Beanpot and the exciting 2-1 win over Harvard in the Semi-final that has BC in a Beanpot final for the first time since 2016
  • Topics include an in-depth breakdown of what this team will need to do to win the Beanpot this coming Monday, a quick season recap, and a segment on what this team will need to do to find its way back to the NCAA tournament this year
  • Released February 10th


E6 – BC Basketball: Breaking down Conference Play

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco talk about how the first half of ACC play has treated the basketball team
  • Topics include a breakdown of the season so far, whats gone right and what hasn’t this season, ACC play, and what to expect from this team through the remainder of this year and beyond.
  • Released February 2nd


E5 – BC Football, Basketball, and Hockey update

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco cover all three major BC sports in one podcast
  • Includes a quick breakdown of the Football season and current updates on Men’s Hockey and Basketball
  • Released December 2nd, 2018


E4 – BC Football Update: Week before Clemson

  • Ashley Sachdeva, Enjay Brown, and Dan Paulos discuss the BC football season successes so far and the upcoming high-stakes Clemson game.
  • Released November 6th, 2018


E3 – BC Basketball Season Preview

  • Ben Neuwirth, Matt Marasco, and Jack Salmon preview the 2018-19 Mens Basketball Season and reveal their expectations for this team.
  • Other conversations include: talking BC’s success of last season, and what needs to happen for that success to transfer into this year, in-depth player analysis, and breaking down BC’s schedule.
  • Released November 5th, 2018


E2 – BC Football Midseason Review

  • Jack Salmon and Matt Marasco break down Boston College’s first 7 games of the season, as well as looking ahead to the final four games of the season, including an in-depth preview into the Red Bandana game against Miami this Friday, 10/26
  • Released October 24th, 2018


E1 – Preseason BC Hockey 

  • Jack and Ashley talk about what to expect this 2018-2019 BC Hockey season
  • Released September 28, 2018



E11 – Midseason Update on BC Baseball

  • Released: April 14, 2018


E10 – Evaluating BC Basketball through ACC Play So Far

  • Kyle and Ben take a look at BC basketball after falling to Louisville, evaluating what has been working for the Eagles so far in ACC play and what the teams needs to do to continue to be in tournament talks as we get into February.
  • Released: January 21, 2017


E9 – BC Basketball Mid-Season Review

  • Ben and Steve look back at the Duke game, the excellent gameplan Coach Christian put together, and how impressive, resilient, and fearless Robinson and Bowman have been.
  • They also evaluate the lack of depth the team has, and what needs to change and who needs to step up and contribute so that Robinson, Bowman, and Chatman do not get completely worn out by the season’s end.
  • Finally, they analyze what the ceiling is for this team, who is weak in the ACC this year, and where BC may be sitting come March.
  • Released: December 15, 2017


E8 – BC Basketball Preview

  • Ben Neuwirth, Landon Komishane, and Jake DeLozenzo discuss the upcoming 2017-18 BC men’s basketball season including where star guards Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson can go from here, what new freshman will bring to the team, and what the expectations should be for the coming year. ​
  • Released: November 8, 2017


E7 – An Inside Look into the College Basketball Recruiting Scandal Part II

  • We take a look at what’s next for the programs implicated so far in the scandal, where the FBI plans to take the investigation from here, whether Nike could have some involvement, and some of BC’s players’ AAU teams and if there is any correlation between those teams and Under Armour sponsorships.
  • We also analyze BC’s performance in their public scrimmage against Bryant last weekend and what some of the new players on the team could bring to Conte Forum this year!
  • Released: October 26, 2017


E6 – An Inside Look into the College Basketball Recruiting Scandal Part I

  • Through the insight of one of our club members who is very familiar with the high school AAU circuit (having played on the AAU team of Markelle Fultz, now of the Philadelphia 76ers), we dive into how and why high school players would accept bribes from colleges and shoe companies, and what it means for college basketball going forward.
  • Bringing in discussion on the inner-city basketball scene, whether college athletes should be paid, the revenue uses of the NCAA and big-time college programs, and the John Calipari 30 for 30, we assess how such a serious scandal could happen.
  • Part II will take a look at where the affected teams go from here.
  • Released: October 19, 2017


E5 – What Happened Down at Louisville

  • We break down how the Eagles shocked the critics and beat a very talented Louisville team on the road, how they were able to achieve a late lead and hold on to it, what the most impressive aspects of the win were, and what this win means for the team going forward. 
  • Released: October 17, 2017


E4 – Breaking Down the Central Michigan Win

  • Two of the broadcasters from the Central Michigan game analyze BC’s win in all three phases, particularly how the secondary is playing and the emphasis on the run game against a less physical opponent.
  • We talk about the who should be getting the bulk of the carriers: Hilliman or Dillon. 
  • We also look ahead to Virginia Tech and see how BC stacks up after what we saw against CMU.
  • Finally, we offer out rhoughts on BC’s bowl game hopes and what needs to happen for the team to get to the magic number of six wins.
  • Released: October 3, 2017


E3 – Breaking Down the Notre Dame Loss

  • The two broadcasters from the Notre Dame game take a look back at: what the Eagles did well, what needs to be improved for them to win some of these games against the talented teams on their schedule, the post-game comments, and Steve Addazio’s decision-making. 
  • We also take a look ahead to the #2 ranked Clemson Tigers in this weekend’s matchup.
  • Released: September 19, 2017


E2 – Final Preseason Outlook on BC Football

  • We give an in-depth breakdown of each of BC’s 12 games and decide where the Eagles will fall by the end of the season.
  • We offer analysis on all 12 opponents and how we think BC stacks up against them. 
  • We differ on our record prediction as well! Listen in to see who thinks the Eagles will make it to 7 wins and who thinks the season-ending Syracuse game will decide the fate of the program for years to come.
  • Released: August 31, 2017 


E1 – John Kincade College Football Preview

  • John Kincade of CBS Sports Radio joins us again to kick off another season of the WZBC Sports Podcast. 
  • John offers his thoughts on:
    • the teams at the top of the ACC and who may challenge them
    • The major matchup for week 1, Florida State vs. Alabama, at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in his home city of Atlanta
    • the ACC, SEC, and B1G teams that could surprise people
    • BC Football, his BC record prediction, and his evaluation of head coach Steve Addazio
    • the Atheltics Director job at BC, and the opportunities and challenges ahead for Martin Jarmond
    • his prediction for the college football playoff and his first team out
  • A big thanks to John for taking time to discuss the season ahead! Follow him on twitter @JohnKincade.
  • Released: August 23, 2017




E22 – Truman Gutapfel

  • Former BC Football defensive line standout Truman Gutapfel (’17) joins us to reflect on his time at BC, his growth as a player, the Quick Lane bowl win, some of the key moments on the field, and his plans for after he departs from the Heights.
  • Thanks to Truman for talking with us!
  • Released: April 27, 2017


E21 – Joe Tessitore

  • Episode 21 of the WZBC Sports Podcast features a very special guest: Joe Tessitore, Boston College ’93. Joe is a distinguished alumnus of WZBC Sports, where he pursued a passion that has led to a great career. Joe has been with ESPN since 2002 and currently is the network’s play-by-play voice for its Saturday Night Primetime college football telecasts. Though he is mainly a “football guy”, he also has broadcasting experience in basketball, boxing, and horse racing. 
  • Joe was kind enough to sit down with our two co-directors, Anthony Iati and Casey Hague, for this episode. Topics include: what led him to Boston College, his involvement in WZBC, his experience with the late Father Monan, his climb through the professional broadcasting field, thoughts on the challenges awaiting Tony Romo in the booth, the state of BC Athletics, the NCAA as a whole, and his son John’s commitment to be a kicker for BC Football in 2018. 
  • Released: April 11, 2017


E20 – Evaluating the Defense: BC Football Preview Part II

  • In Part II of our Football Preview, we look at the BC Defense after they finished 2016 9th in total defense. In order to see if the unit can be dominant for a third straight season, we look into the questions of:
    • What did the defense do really well in 2016?
    • How much does it hurt to lose Milano, Johnson, Gutapfel, and Kavalec?
    • What does it mean for the defense to have Harold Landry returning for his senior year?
    • Who is the next special talent on this defense?
    • What can we expect from the Secondary?
    • Will the defense be more competitive against the ACC’s elite?
    • What is the biggest question mark going into 2017?
  • Released: April 6, 2017


E19 – Evaluating the Offense: BC Football Preview Part I

  • Football season is around the corner, so WZBC Sports takes a look at the BC Offense hungry for improvement after two seasons of low offensive production. We answer such questions as:
    • How can the passing game become more dynamic?
    • Who will be the starter for the season opener against Northern Illinois?
    • Has Darius Wade shown enough to prove he is the go-to-guy as Anthony Brown continues to develop?
    • Where do the Tight Ends stack up against other units in the ACC and in the country?
      How good can Jeff Smith be?
    • What will the running game look like this season? How excited should we be for AJ Dillon? How good can Davon Jones be? Will Jon Hilliman get back on track as one of the nations best runners?
    • Who are our breakout players for next season?
  • Stay tuned for our next podcast, taking a look at the BC Defense.
  • Released: March 29, 2017


E18 – Reviewing the 2016-2017 BC Men’s Hockey Season

  • Episode 18 takes a look back at BC Hockey to break down all of the aspects of an up-and-down season. Some of the questions we answer and look into are:
    • What does it mean for the program to be left out of the NCAA Tournament?
    • How will BC rebound from the departure of its five seniors?
    • How special of a goalie can Joe Woll be?
    • What freshman are we most excited about going forward?
    • Will Colin White or Casey Fitzgerald depart for the NHL? What about Chris Brown and JD Dudek?
    • What is the ceiling and floor for the team next season?
    • How special can next year’s freshman be?
    • What does next year’s Hockey East look like?
    • Who do we think can win the National Championship this year?
  • Another one of our in-depth season breakdowns. 
  • Released: March 22, 2017


E17 – A Look Back on the 2016-2017 BC Men’s Basketball Season

  • Episode 17 brings together a conglomeration of thoughts of the 2016-2017 season. We talk about the positive from the season, what went wrong in the season-ending 15-game losing streak, how special Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson can be where paired together, and whether or not the season can be considered a success.
  • We also take a look ahead to next season by identifying four potential breakout players, examining the recruiting trail, giving our thoughts on what teams are model programs for BC, and finally address some big-picture items such as can this team make the NIT next year and whether Jim Christian can take BC to the next level.
  • This is one of our most in-depth podcasts yet, offering several different thoughts on an up-and-down season for BC and the road ahead. WZBC Sports is your source for analysis of BC Basketball.
  • Released: March 15, 2017


E16 – Recapping the Florida State Loss

  • Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman both scored more than 20 points, but the Eagles fell in Tallahassee.
  • Episode 16 breaks down the loss at Florida State, looking at how FSU’s depth and defensive strategy never allowed BC a chance to get into the game.
  • We also look  at the remaining games, discuss why the team needs to win one more before the season comes to a close, and take glance at where the team is at with recruiting for next season.
  • Released: February 21, 2017


E15 – Johnny Adams and Jake Palomaki

  • Boston College Baseball begins the 2017 season this weekend against Bethune-Cookman in Florida. We sat down with senior shortstop/captain Johnny Adams and junior second baseman Jake Palomaki to preview Birdball’s quest to build off an incredible 2016 run. The middle infield duo discussed their best memories from reaching the Super Regional last year, what fans can expect this season, team goals, players to watch, leadership roles on a young team, and much more. 
  • We will have plenty more BC Baseball podcasts and interviews to come throughout the season.
  • Released: February 15, 2017


E14 – Looking for Positives in the Loss at Georgia Tech

  • We recap BC Basketball’s loss at Georgia Tech and look for some positives in another strong game from BC star Jerome Robinson.
  • We take a big-picture look at the the remainder of the season, discuss what remaining games are winnable for the Eagles, and look ahead to the ACC Tournament at the Barclays Center.
  • Released: February 11, 2017


E13 – Pittsburgh Preview and Why BC Needs More Difference Makers

  • Episode 13 looks ahead to the basketball game against Pitt, talks about why BC needs more players like Robinson and Bowman to elevate the team’s status in the ACC, and tells you why the important conference games are still ahead of this team.
  • We analyze the difference between difference makers and role players and how that relates to BC basketball.
  • We also give a brief update on BC football after National Signing Day.
  • Released: February 7, 2017


E12 – Breaking Down the BC Men’s Basketball Loss to Wake Forest

  • Episode 12 breaks down BC Basketball’s loss to Wake Forest, as the Eagles fall to 2-8 in the ACC.
  • We also recap the loss on Sunday night to Virginia Tech, and discuss the upcoming home games against Louisville and Pitt.
  • Finally, we offer our goals and hopes for the team in the final eight games of the season.
  • Released: January 31, 2017



  • A few of our senior members discuss a myriad of BC sports topics, previewing the Holy War hockey game between BC and Notre Dame, discuss the recent achievement by Kelly Hughes of Women’s Basketball, and offer more analysis on the 2017 Football schedule.  
  • Released: January 27, 2016


E10 – Breaking Down BC’s 2017 Football Schedule

  • We break down the newly-released 2017 BC Football schedule, featuring home games against Notre Dame (9/17), Virginia Tech (10/7), and Florida State (10/27), and road games against defending national champion Clemson (9/23) and UConn (11/18 at Fenway Park).
  • We also offer our (very early) predictions on BC’s record, discuss the the notable returning players, and give our breakout players for the 2017 season.
  • Released: January 25, 2016


E9 – Virginia Basketball Preview

  • Episode 9 previews the Eagles’ next opponent on the ACC Hardwood, the Virginia Cavaliers, and assesses the Eagles through five ACC games.
  • Released: January 17, 2017


E8 – Providence Recap and Keys to the Quick Lane Bowl

  • We recap the huge BC Basketball win over Providence and what it means going into ACC play, discuss the sudden departure of freshman point guard Ty Graves, and give a few keys to the game for the Eagles going into the Quick Lane Bowl on Monday.
  • Released: December 24, 2016


E7 – Patrick Towles

  • Boston College’s Quarterback Patrick Towles joins us for Episode 7 to talk about ending the football season on a hot streak and the upcoming Quick Lane Bowl against Maryland.
  • A huge thanks to Patrick for taking time out of his schedule to join us and offer his sincere thoughts on what this season and what BC has meant to him. We wish you and all the Eagles the best as they get ready for Detroit!
  • Released: December 7, 2016


E6 – BC Men’s Hockey Update

  • Our first ever podcast covering the Hockey East-leading and #4 ranked BC Hockey team.
  • Stephen McAlee, Quinn Kelly, and Kyle Maslan discuss the recent winning streak, what it means to be playing in the College Hockey Showdown at Madison Square Garden, and our key players for the season’s continued success.
  • Released: November 21, 2016


E5 – BC Men’s Basketball Preview Part II

  • We offer our thoughts on the Basketball team in light of media day and the exhibition against Stonehill in Part II of our Basketball Season preview.
  • We also talk with point guards Ty Graves and Ky Bowman at the end of the podcast, the team’s leading freshman, about their goals for the season and why they love BC so far.
  • A big thanks to both Ty and Ky for talking with us – we are excited to see you guys play this season!
  • Released: November 4, 2016


E4 – BC Men’s Basketball Preview Part I

  • Two of the WZBC Basketball experts weigh in on BC Men’s Basketball in Part I of our Basketball Season preview.
  • This is an in-depth look where any BC fan can go to learn up on the 2016-2017 squad.
  • Who are the key incoming freshman, the impactful transfers, and the x-factors? Find out here, where WZBC Sports provides a unique look into BC Basketball.
  • Released: October 15, 2016


E3 – Brad Bates and Jason Baum

  • Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates and Associate Athletic Director for Communications Jason Baum join us for Episode 3, as they offer their thoughts on the range of BC Sports, the exciting initiatives to come out of Athletics, and the great institution that is BC and its relationship to BC sports.
  • A tremendous thanks to Brad and Jason for taking their time – we look forward to talking with them again soon.
  • Released: September 29, 2016


E2 – BC vs. Virginia Tech Preview

  • The WZBC Sports Broadcasters for this weekend’s game at Virginia Tech preview the Eagles’ first ACC road test of 2016.
  • Released: September 13, 2016


Episode 1 – BC vs. Georgia Tech Preview

  • A preview to the BC football season and an interview with John Kincade of CBS Sports Radio and Atlanta’s 680 the Fan on BC’s opening game opponent, Georgia Tech, and the landscape of college football.
  • A big thanks to John Kincade for offering his time and insights to WZBC Sports!
  • Released: August 30, 2016