Sports Saturday


Sports Saturday is a weekly talk show from 1-3 pm on Saturday afternoons, broadcast live on WZBC Newton 90.3 FM during the academic year. WZBC Sports brings you coverage of both collegiate and professional sports through lively discussion and call-ins. To call into the show, the number is (617) 552-4686. If you are a student and interested in being part of a Sports Saturday production, please email Kyle Maslan at

For a sample of a Sports Saturday broadcast, see the audio clip below. The clip is from January 30, 2016 and features Conor Hawley, Anthony Iati, and Jake DeLorenzo. 


Schedule of Broadcasters:

Fall Semester Host Contributor 1 Contributor 2  Details
9/9/2017 Wake Forest Football Broadcast
9/16/2017 Notre Dame Football Broadcast
9/23/2017 Clemson Football Broadcast
9/30/2017 Central Michigan Football Broadcast
10/7/2017 Virginia Tech Football Broadcast
10/14/2017 Louisville Football Broadcast
10/21/2017 Virginia Football Broadcast
10/27/2017 No Sports Saturday 
11/4/2017  No Sports Saturday 
11/11/2017 NC State Football Broadcast   
11/18/2017  No Sports Saturday 
11/25/2017  Syracuse Football Broadcast
12/2/2017 TBD TBD TBD  
12/16/2017 TBD TBD TBD  FINALS
12/23/2017 TBD TBD TBD  
Spring Semester Host Contributor 1 Contributor 2  Details

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