About Us

WZBC Sports brings Boston College fans a unique vantage point on the world of
collegiate sports. A completely student-run division of WZBC Newton 90.3 FM, the
Boston College student radio station covers more Boston College sports than any other radio station in Boston, and does it live and commercial-free. Tune in to 90.3 FM or WVBC AM for live coverage of Boston College football, basketball, men’s hockey, and baseball.

Also, WZBC Sports has partnered with Boston College Athletics to broadcast women’s hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, and volleyball on BC Eagles TV. Through an online stream, you can watch these BC sporting events for free (with the exception of women’s hockey at a small fee) while hearing WZBC Sports’ own broadcasters bring you the call.

It is our great pleasure to broadcast the sports we cherish here at Boston College. We feel we offer a different perspective on college athletics and the athletes involved, as our broadcasters are often hallmates or classmates of the players. For any questions, please email Co-Directors Anthony Iati and Casey Hague at director@wzbcsports.com. 


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