Game Predictions - Wake Forest

Game Predictions – Wake Forest



TJ Hartnett

1-0, the stat both teams adorn heading into this game. Wake’s pummeling of Presbyterian gives BC little insight on how the Demon Deacons will be on Saturday afternoon. A new QB at the helm for Wake opens up the first dual attack offense of the season for BC’s defense. Speaking of the defense, 20 points to NIU was tough. To emerge victorious in this contest, 20 points cannot be given up to Wake. Much more pressure on the QB and few turnovers will lead BC to victory regardless of the offense production. Speaking of, Anthony Brown has emerged as BC’s #1 guy, something Eagle fans must be excited about. Glimpses of beauty in the NIU game as well as trust from the coaching staff will ger anyone fired up about #13. With the home crowd at this back, Kobay White at his receiving end, and Lichtenberg finishing drives, Brown leads BC to victory. 17-13 Boston College



Quinn Kelly

BC will head into their home opener a point and a half favorite over the visiting Demon Deacons (though 8% dogs in terms of chance to win according to ESPN). A tight matchup between two teams slated for bottom tier ACC finishes is sure to ensue. While the Eagles did get the win in last year’s edition of the rivalry in Winston-Salem, they will surely still be looking to wash the taste of a demoralizing 3-0 loss to Wake at home in 2015. There are a lot of unknowns heading into this game. Foremost, nothing can really be gleaned from Wake’s week one matchup with the Pop Warner team from Presbyterian. The Eagles offense won’t be the one that gained only 48 yards in the first half and only attempted 2 passes all game, but they also won’t see the Wake backups who were gashed for 200 yards in the 2nd half at a 4.6 YPR clip. On the other side of things, the Eagles have a lot to prove, as well. A lackluster defensive performance will have to be atoned for, and Jon Hilliman will have to prove that Week 1 was a fluke, and he is, in fact, back to being the back he was his freshman year. One this is certain, though: this is Anthony Brown’s team. After seeing zero snaps in the first game, don’t expect to see Darius Wade in any capacity but off the bench. Welcome to the Anthony Brown era, folks! In his first ACC start, Tony Football leads the Eags to victory. BC 20-13.



Steve McAlee

Anthony Brown, though far from perfect on Friday night, showed he is a playmaker in the midst of an offense that finally seems ready to have a legitimate, consistent vertical passing attack. His upside is enough to make every game interesting. The Wake Forest game is a must-win when we look at the prospects of bowl-eligibility, and Brown (and all of Addazio’s players) need to prove they can handily defeat a team like Wake Forest if they really want to move this program towards the higher ranks of the ACC. Wake faced a cakewalk against Presbyterian last week, but the Demon Deacons are a solid football team. Brown and co. must take advantage of a defense that’s getting used to a new scheme (defensive coordinator Mike Elko left for Notre Dame). However, Jon Baker’s absense at center will compound an already ugly looking run game and offenseive line. Brown will need to get the ball out quick, and Addazio will need to relaize that with a freshman in at center, YOU CAN’T RUN THE BALL UP THE MIDDLE ON EVERY FIRST DOWN. If the proper adjustments are made and the defense brings the ferocity I know they have in them, the Eagles may just squeak by. BC 17 – Wake Forest 13



Landon Komishane

The past two BC-Wake Forest games have not been the most compelling. Both offenses are certainly challenged, so this game will come down to which teams take advantage of their scoring opportunities. The key for BC is they need their running game to step up. Jon Hilliman was too tenative in the game against Northern Illinois, and BC needs first down gains to set up for managable spots on later downs. The offensive line also needs to have a better game in order for Hilliman and Co. to be successful. Anthony Brown had a good performance last Friday; expect him to be more comfortable now that he has a college win under his belt. The other key is Harold Landry. He was a monster against Wake Forest last year, but he was nonexistent in the win against NIU. If he has a bounceback game, BC’s overall defense will follow suit. Addazio has an extra day to prepare for this Wake Forest squad, and BC will start their ACC slate off with a close victory over the Demon Deacons. BC 20, Wake Forest 13



Matt Seelig

Anthony Brown looked good in his college debut, but now it’s time for him to face his first conference challenge, and Wake defenses of past have done a decent job locking down the BC offense (I’m sure I won’t be the first here to bring up the 0-3 loss in 2015). It’s tough to judge the ability of Wake’s offense; they’re coming off a 51-7 demolition job against Presbyterian, so it’s tough to see if senior QB John Wolford or his offense have grown at all since the end of last season. Even Wake’s coach has admitted this, saying “We haven’t been tested yet. Boston College has been tested.” That said, I see a heavily defensive game ahead of us that (like the 2015) might be won or lost on field goals. Luckily, junior kicker Colton Lichtenberg had a great game last week, by BC special teams standards, nailing three 35+ yard field goals, including the game winning 37 yarder. Even if the offense stalls, this seems like the first time in a while that BC can be a threat on special teams. BC wins by a field goal 13-10.



Kyle Maslan

Wake Forest has slowly developed a good Rivalry with Boston College since they match up well both academically and athletically. The past two years have been very close games (the 3-0 “thriller” in 2015 and the 17-14 win last year to clinch the bowl birth). Winning this game is neccissary for Adazzio to make a bowl this season as ACC play is brutal every year and the Eagles need to beat all the average opponents they play to have a successful season. The BC offense looked good againt NIU as Anthony Brown proved why he was chosen as the starter and hopefully he can continue to develop every game to create an exciting Eagles offense. The defense needs to step up compared to how they played in Dekalb last week to hold off an ACC offense. Look for Harold Landry to make some big plays after being help quiet last week, same goes for Connor Strachan. This will go down to the wire the same way it has the past two seasons, but look for the seemingly improved Colton Lichteberg to be the difference maker, as BC wins by three again. Boston College 20 – Wake Forest 17



Ben Neuwirth

BC was able to sqeak away with a win last week at Northern Illinios but face a tougher test versus Wake Forest. The Demon Decons have lost 2 close games to the Eagles the last 2 years and similarly to BC, sport an impressive defense coupled with an often ineffective offense. While the running game was frighteningly ineffective last game, Anthony Brown showed promise and a strong arm, perhaps foreshadowing a passing game that can put points on the board. If he can keep pressure off the defense and Harold Landry and Zach Allen get in Demon Deacons QB John Wofford’s face early and often, BC can walk away with a 2-0 record on the season. BC 13-10



Al Preziosi

This game is pivotal for both programs. Expect a low scoring battle between two similarly talented teams. Both teams have plenty of experience on both sides of the ball. Both teams have an early round NFL talent on the defensive line (Harold Landry and Duke Ejiofor). However, Wake Forest will be led by senior quarterback John Wolford. Anthony Brown is clearly talented, but the redshirt freshman must stay poised and avoid turnovers if the Eagles are going to pull this game out. Expect him to target tight end Tommy Sweeney early and often. Sweeney did not record a reception in the opener, but don’t expect the Mackey Award contender to stay quiet for long. This one will be close, but the Eagles should be in position to defend the homefield and kick a game-winning field goal. BC 16-13



Matt Sottile

Boston College was able to generate enough points against Northern Illinois to sneak out of DeKalb with a less than impressive 1-0 start. While redshirt freshman quarterback Anthony Brown showed poise in the pocket and was able to deliver the ball downfield accurately, he will be without the protection of his starting center Jon Baker, who will be sidelined with a knee injury. A young offensive line will struggle to give Brown time in the pocket against the Wake Forest pass rush and the BC offense will struggle to keep pace with the Wake Forest offense, led by quarterbacks John Wolford and Kendall Hinton, who combined to go 18/23 with 5 TD’s and 0 INT’s, including 41 first half points last week vs. Presbyterian. The older, more experienced Demon Deacons offense benefit from a weakened Eagles offense and are able to secure a win on the road in their ACC opener. Wake Forest 16, Boston College 7



Sam Parsons

An undefeated BC team faces an undefeated Wake Forest team. How often does that happen? The last time this occurred was in 2013, under similar circumstances: it was week 2, and Wake had just drubbed Presbyterian. BC went on to win that game. Will we see a similar result this time? BC unveiled a new-look offense against NIU, throwing the ball 42 times with freshman QB Anthony Brown (last season the Eagles only topped 30 pass attempts once), and the more the offense throws, the better it should get at doing so. However, the defense had a tough time defending mobile QB Ryan Graham on the ground (12 carries for 99 yards) and face another mobile QB this week in John Wolford. Will they have better success? I think so. The bigger story lies with RB John Hilliman: can he improve on his 25 carry, 58 yard performance last week? He must, in order for BC to win. I think he will, given that Wake gave up over 200 rushing yards to Presbyterian, and I think BC wins this one. BC 17, Wake 10



Andrew Linnehan


The battle of the undefeated juggernauts we all expected is finally here! Although the Deamon Deacons might have looked like a Chip Kelly-style Oregon offense in their 51-7 win last week, we can take that with a grain of salt as they defeated an outmatched Presbyterian team. Steve Addazio shocked the BC community by favoring youth and potential when starting Anthony Brown against NIU. Brown suffered some growing pains, as expected, but overall had a promising first game and win. Wake Forest seeks revenge after BC beat them on their home turf last season, but don’t expect it to come. It was encouraging to see the Eagles spread the offense and called 44 passing plays; something Coach Addazio had been hesitant to do in previous years. Whether he will continue this approach or retreat back to a more conservative running game with John Hilliman is still up in the air, but we hope to see our guy AB continue to develop in his first home start. The Eagles will need to tighten up their run defense as they surrendered nearly 6.5 yards per carry to NIU’s feature backs. This game will boil down to execution, particularly in the red zone, in what should be a reasonably close game. I expect BC to get it done with a 24-13 win.