Johncarlos Reyes End of Year Player Review

Johncarlos Reyes End of Year Player Review

By Ben Neuwirth 

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247 Sports will be doing a recap of the 2016-17 Boston College Men’s Basketball Season, going over where each player improved throughout the year, their best performance of the season and what we hope to see them add, heading into the 2017-18 campaign.

Coming off a redshirt season, Johncarlos Reyes showed improvement in his freshman season as he continues to learn the intricacies of the game. Standing at 6’10” with long lanky arms, Reyes has tantalizing physical potential but as many young players do, he often looked confused and timid on the court, avoiding contact at every opportunity, a beat too late rotating over on defense and not totally in sync with his guards when running pick and roll.

2015-16 Stats: Redshirted, only non-ACC games

8.4 MPG

2.1 PPG

3.4 RPG

0.3 APG

58.3 FG%

25.0 FT%

20.4 PER

54.0 TS%

101.2 ORtg

94.6 DRtg


6.4 MPG

1.6 PPG

1.1 RPG

0.2 APG

53.6 FG%

40.0 FT%

11.9 PER

51.9 TS%

93.9 ORtg

103.9 DRtg


Best Game:

3/7/17 ACC Tournament vs Wake Forest 78-92

10 Pts, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block

3-6 FG, 4-6 FT

On the biggest stage of the season, Johncarlos had the biggest game of his career, scoring in double digits for only the second time in the maroon and gold and giving temporary hope to the Eagles. When Nik Popovic and Mo Jeffers got into early foul trouble, Coach Jim Christian turned to Reyes who was engaged and active both offensively and on the other end, holding ACC Player of the Year runner up John Collins to 0 field goals in the 1st half. He still showed the trademark awkwardness Eagle fans have come to expect with JC but was a positive on the floor. Unfortunately, BC was unable to capitalize as Ky Bowman went down with an injury but it was encouraging to see the Georgia big man play so well with so much on the line.


Looking Forward:

While Johncarlos played his best game of the season in the ACC tournament, he has a lot of work to do before he becomes an integral piece of BC’s rotation next year. First and most importantly, he needs to get stronger. Listed at just 214 lbs, he has no chance standing up the post up brutes of the ACC. After getting pushed off his spot, Reyes is forced to reach over with his arms, a foul that’s going to be called every time. Even if he got major time, Johncarlos would foul out in 24 minutes at his current foul rate. This lack of strength also hurts him on the offensive end where he’s unable to dislodge defenders with screens, which should be an integral part of his game given his size. Fixing this will solve many problems at once and hopefully help Reyes be more aggressive in seeking contact as he goes to the rim. Often his layups are off balance and fading away, tough shots for the most skilled of players. If the lanky and surprisingly fluid center can change his attitude, add some muscle, learn more about the intricacies of the game and start taking advantage of his salivating physical gifts, BC might have a legitimate presence. That’s going to be a long road. Not an impossible one, but it’s going to take countless hours in the gym and film room.