Game Predictions – Virginia Tech

Game Predictions – Virginia Tech

For every Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball game this year, the board members of WZBC Sports will be offering their picks on whether the Eagles will win or lose. Throughout the year, we will be tracking who has the best prediction record, crowning a winner at the conclusion of Baseball season. Here are our picks for the Clemson.


Matt Sottile 5-0
TJ Hartnett 4-1
Al Preziosi 4-1
Steve McAlee 4-1
Sam Parsons 4-1
Matt Seelig 4-1
Kyle Maslan 4-1
Ben Neuwirth 4-1
Quinn Kelly 3-1
Andrew Linnehan 3-1
Landon Komishane 3-2

TJ Hartnett: Another big time matchup under the lights for Boston College. This game has the potential to turn the season around if the Eagles can find a way to come out on top. VT may have gotten smoked by Clemson last weekend, but trust me, Clemson is a different animal, and I don’t see the #16 Hokies faltering that much. If BC can find a way to break out offensively, this game has the potential to be interesting. But as of right now, with the way Fuente destroyed BC last year, I can’t imagine much different. The score is much closer but the outcome is the same, VT 35, BC 13

Quinn Kelly: Don’t be fooled by VTech’s hiccup against Clemson. It was a continuation of the narrative of Clemson getting up for big games but seeming unmotivated in games against lesser opponents. The Hokies are legit. They have a real shot to be a Top 10 team by year’s end, set for a rematch with the Tigers in the ACC Championship. This game will be another rung on their ladder to that game. Coming off a tough loss, the Hokies will come in ready to dominate. The Eagles will certainly be up for a Saturday night game at Alumni, but in the end, this game will be a continuation of the smackdown laid by VT last year in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech-38, BC-9

Steve McAlee: In many ways, BC played a better game against Clemson than Virginia Tech did. Freshman QB Josh Jackson could be in for a second straight bumpy outing against a Harold Landry, Lukas Denis, and co. who are hitting a rhythm like last season’s defense did in the second half of the year. But there’s no way the BC offense is given enough free-reign to make much progress on Bud Foster’s 4-2-5 defense (see Bradley Smart’s article on our site for why and how). We know BC is going to rely on the run. So if they must, let’s get the ball in AJ Dillon’s hands for the hefty majority of carries. He’s shown he has explosiveness that Hilliman can’t match, and my only hope is he has a true breakout game. In the end, the BC defense keeps it from going into blowout territory, but the Hokies get the win. Virginia Tech 27, BC 9

Landon Komishane: This is a game that people did not necessarily have circled on their calendars because no one was sure how good Virginia Tech was this year. VT took a step back last week against Clemson, but they can be ACC contender this year. Last year, Virginia Tech destroyed BC, 49-0. I don’t anticipate that same margin, but Virginia Tech is clearly the better team and will be motivated to bounce back. BC will again have some trouble with that stifling VT defense, and they won’t be able to score enough to keep pace with Josh Jackson. BC has to be more aggressive and they need some big plays to go their way to have any chance to win. Ultmately, injuries for BC are still a concern, and the offense hasn’t proven enough to win BC a game against a true ACC opponent. Virginia Tech 34, BC 13

Matt Seelig: BC came away with the win last weekend, but its apples and oranges when comparing the bottom of the MAC with one of the better teams from the ACC Coastal. I can only hope that Anthony Brown got his fair share of practice reps this week after experiencing shoulder pain in the week going into Central Michigan. BC needs at least a guise of passing strategy, something to keep the Tech defense on their toes. If Coach Addazio wants to make Saturday night’s game a simple contest of strength on the ground, you can add one to L column right now. I think, like Clemson, we will hold VT to a low scoring game in the first half, and with Brown (hopefully) at full health, we might even score a touchdown or two again a tough Hokie defense. But in typical BC fashion, we let go of a close game in the second half, giving a hungry Tech the win the desperately want after last week’s loss to Clemson. Final score: Tech 34-BC 20.

Kyle Maslan: BC just had a much needed win to end the 3 game losing streak vs. big name opponents, and the break from top names will not last long as #16 Virginia Tech is coming to Chestnut Hill Saturday night. The Eagles outplayed Central Michigan win on saturday is due in large part to the punt return game from Michael Walker, outside of that facet the game would have been much closer than 28-8. BC will need ot trust Browns arm more since you cannot expect multiple fantastic punt returns, plus VT should be able to stop the running game of Hilliman and Dillon which did most of the work vs CMU. VT was beaten pretty soundly by Clemson last wek so expect them to come into Alumni angry and eager to continue to justify their top 20 ranking. This year should not be as bad as last years 49-0 thrashing at Va Tech, but don’t expect a nailbiter. Virginia Tech 28 – Boston College 13

Ben Neuwirth: BC got a huge win last week against Central Michigan but is facing a different quality opponent this Saturday night in Virginia Tech. The Hokies have one the nation’s best defenses and will be hungry for revenge coming off a shellacking by Clemson. BC will need to run the ball effectivly , but they can’t be too one diminsional. Their O-line will not be able to push around the dynamic Hokie D Line. Tony Football and the rest of the BC passing attack will need to have their best games of the season if BC has a chance of coming out of this one with a W. While it was nice to see a victory last week, and the return of the dominant defense we have come to expect, there’s no evidence that the Eagles can replicate that against an ACC opponent, not to mention one that was ranked top 15 just last week. VT 49, BC 16

Al Preziosi: Justin Fuente is one of the most underrated head coaches in college football and he has turned Virginia Tech into a scary program in a short amount of time. The defense can only keep the Eagles in this game for so long. Expect a big win for the Hokies. VT 38 – BC 10

Sam Parsons: Virginia Tech’s game against Clemson was a lot worse than the 31-17 defeat indicates, and Boston College arguably played a better game against the Tigers with all things considered. Now, the Hokies and the Eagles face off under the lights of Alumni. Last year, Virginia Tech rolled over this squad at home, 49-0, but this one should at least be a bit closer. This VA Tech team is hardly unstoppable. However, since the start of last season, the Eagles haven’t played four solid quarters against a ranked team once in several opportunities. With Justin Fuente’s success with this program, and I have a really, really hard time seeing this ending up being a close game. Factor in Virginia Tech QB Josh Jackson’s mobility and BC’s massive struggles against QBs of that archetype this year, and you have all the information you need. BC 14, VT 42

Matt Sottile: Even despite suffering their first loss of the season at home against Clemson last week, the Hokies produced three more first downs than the Tigers and 10 more total yards on the game, led by redshirt freshman quarterback Josh Jackson’s 251 passing yards and a touchdown. The Virgina Tech offense is explosive, led by playmakers Cam Phillips (5 receiving TD‘s, 597 total yards) and their slew of running backs, which include 5 players who have over 130 rushing yards and a touchdown this season. BC will have to open the playbook and rely more on their pass offense if they expect to compete with the Hokies under the lights on Saturday. The Eagles just don’t have the offensive talent to beat one of the top teams in the ACC this year, and fall to 0-3 in conference play this year. Virginia Tech 38, BC 16