Game Predictions - South Carolina State

Game Predictions – South Carolina State

For every Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball game this year, the board members of WZBC Sports will be offering their picks on whether the Eagles will win or lose. Here are our picks for South Carolina State.

TJ Hartnett: Who? BC rolls, score irrelevant

Steve McAlee: Some states have a strong team in both state universities. Examples: Michigan and Michigan State, Arizona and Arizona State, Washington and Washington State. The State of South Carolina isn’t one of them. BC 78 – South Carolina State 59

Kyle MaslanBC 87 – SC State 70

Al Preziosi: This is another must-win game for the Eagles. BC 81 – SC State 64

Matt Sottile: Eagles dominate a less talented team to sweep the weekend and get off to a 2-0 start. BC 93, SCST 57

Ben Neuwirth: South Carolina State is much like Maine, they have limited size, limited talent and frankly are here to collect a loss and a paycheck. The interesting thing to watch in this likely-blowout will be the play of the freshman, Steffon Mitchell played great D  but didn’t really showcase his offensive skills while Kraljevic and Baker are pretty much unknowns. These guys will be the key not just for the future of the program but how successful the team is this year. You can’t play 7 deep in the ACC, it’s simply not possible, so one of these guys is going to have to step up. I’m excited to see who it is. BC 87 SCS 72