Game Predictions - Maine

Game Predictions – Maine

For every Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball game this year, the board members of WZBC Sports will be offering their picks on whether the Eagles will win or lose. Here are our picks for BC Basketball’s season opener against Maine.

TJ Hartnett: So happy basketball season is back. I always tend to have a load of confidence with nothing to back it but hey, it’s my senior year so let me be. Time to start the season with a bang. BC 85, Maine 60

Steve McAlee: We had an idea of what we were getting going into the last two season with BC Basketball, but this season has some unknowns. Once again, it’s a very new team, so chemistry will still be a question mark, but we have two real ballers in Robinson and Bowman, and at least the first few off the bench look talented enough to push forward in the ACC. While I still don’t know if this team tops last season’s 2 conference wins, I’m confident they’ll be better in nonconference play, and that begins tonight. BC 85 – Maine 62

Matt Seelig: BC should be able to get the win against Maine. While their ability to compete within the ACC may be questionable this season, a win against an opponent from the America East Conference should not be a problem. BC 72-Maine 59

Kyle Maslan: BC opens this year better than last. BC 80 – Maine 67

Ben Neuwirth: This team has serious depth issues but there is still a lot of top end talent and the spacing and defense on this squad should be improved from last year. Maine doesn’t have the ability to take advantage of the Eagles’ weaknesses so the biggest thing to pull away from this game will be the play of the young bucks. That said, we’ve seen BC blow games to lesser teams before and it’s critical they start off the season with positive momentum. BC 86 Maine 70

Al Preziosi: This is a must-win game for the Eagles. Losing to Maine at home would be embarrassing for the program. Expect the Eagles to lean on their talented guard duo to cruise to victory. BC 78 – Maine 63

Sam Parsons: Basketball season returns to the Heights in a tune-up game against Maine. BC definitely ought to win this game, but it’s no certainty for a team who lost to some subpar opponents last season. Nevertheless, this team has improved on paper and I expect them to ride their backcourt to some wins this year, and a win against Maine. BC 75, Maine 64

Matt Sottile: This year’s Eagles team won’t struggle out of the gates like they did a season ago, led by the young and star-studded backcourt of Jerome Robinson, who received one vote for Preseason ACC Player of the Year, and Ky Bowman. The Eagles offense rolls as they get the year off to a good start with a win. BC 89, Maine 62

Andrew Linnehan: The anticipated season begins! This is BC’s first test of the season and if all goes accordingly plan, the Eagles will haeopportunities to flex their offensive muscles. I’m expecting the floodgates to open for Bowman and Robinson as they’ll certainly have an advantage on their defender. It will be interesting to see how Jim Christian incorporates Deontae Hawkins into the offense and how Nik Popovic’s role expands. BC should cruise to a convincing win to set the season off right. BC 76 Maine 53