Teamwork Makes the Dream Work - BC defeats Columbia 81-66

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – BC defeats Columbia 81-66

By: Gianni Preston Chiovetta

On Saturday, BC put up monster numbers and had a once in a lifetime performance against Duke, defeating them with a final score of 89-84 against a team that was up to that point the undefeated number one team. Boston College shot 50.8% from the floor in that game, including a 57.7% 3pt percentage, 70% in the first half. One obviously cannot expect that kind of three point shooting each time out. The main question was, was the Duke game a fluke? Can BC perform up to that standard, or at least cash in on some of that potential and perform well in games? Last night’s Columbia game was the first in a series of games that will serve as a test for this team to answer that question. And as far as those questions go, Boston College answered those questions emphatically.

Boston College was able to hold off Columbia, winning by a final score of 81-66, even with a decline in shooting percentage from the floor, 45.3% from the starting lineup, and less performance from Ky Bowman. The Eagles were also able to overcome some scares with Bowman coming out for a few minutes during the game holding his arm (he ended up being alright and finishing the game). They were also able to successfully adjust to and combat the quickness of Columbia guard Mike Smith who finished the night with 25 points.

Boston College won the tip off and scored a three pointer coming from Ky Bowman. This is started an early Boston College lead. After a hot start to the game, Ky Bowman slowed down shooting wise, ending up with 13 points while shooting 33% from the floor. Chatman really stepped up to fill in the void, finishing with 20 points and shooting 50% from beyond the arc. As Bowman’s shooting slowed he began to pass, finishing with six assists, and he was also a good presence on the boards, finishing with twelve rebounds, leading BC in both those categories. Good teamwork and excellent freethrow shooting propelled BC to victory over Columbia. Boston College finished with a 78.3 freethrow percentage, shooting 100% from the line in the first half. Jerome Robinson led BC in points with 21 due in large part to his freethrow shooting, going 9-9 from the line. Robinson decided that since they were shooting so well against Duke, you cannot expect that each time out, he made up his mind to keep driving to the basket, and it paid off. Robinson got many trips to the line and made each one count.

BC also saw some positive signs from freshman forward Luka Kraljevic coming off the bench. Though working out some kinks, Luka shot 50% from the field and had four defensive rebounds in 9 minutes of play. He also showed some smarts on the floor with good crisp passes. He was the good team player that Boston College needs down low to support their shooters they have in Bowman, Robinson, and Chatman.

Boston College proved that they are able to keep winning ball games even if Bowman and other shooters slow down. This is a good sign. Go Eagles!